Rehearsal Tapes

by Matte Black Candy Van

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"Rudy hadn’t understood quite what the recording Instruments were all about, but what he had understood, he’d liked: that he, out of thousands of machinists, had been chosen to have his motions immortalized on tape. And here, now, this little loop in the box before [engineer] Paul, here was Rudy as Rudy had been to his machine that afternoon - Rudy, the turner-on of power, the setter of speeds, the controller of the cutting tool. This was the essence of Rudy as far as his machine was concerned, as far as the economy was concerned, as far as the war effort had been concerned. The tape was the essence distilled from the small, polite man with the big hands and black fingernails; from the man who though the world could be saved if everyone read a verse from the Bible every night...Now, by switching in lathes on a master panel and feeding them signals from the tape, Paul could make the essence of Rudy Hertz produce one, ten, a hundred, or a thousand of the shafts." - Kurt Vonnegut Jr., 1952, Player Piano, Dell, New York


released October 31, 2015

The occupants of the candy van this time are Wando and Ippo
I-IV Fieldstone, Willowvale, 28/10
V -VII The Cowabungalo, Kirrawee, 13/6
Dedicated to angry neighbors



all rights reserved


Matte Black Candy Van Wollongong, Australia

Blackened jams, garage doom and psychedelic blues. Find us in the midnight sun and under the mourning moon.

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Track Name: Lunar Lord
Lunar mover
Celestial watcher
Kingdom come
Kingdom done
All empires under its gaze
Grey chasms of shadow line its face

Tides pay tribute
To its power
See it Loki and the Sun its brother
Moon shines on me
Satyr in the heavens
Lunar lord of lunar beings
Track Name: Magnum Daddy
Well let me tell you 'bout a
Magnum Daddy I know,
He got them eyes
Like he's ready to go

Long legs long arms
Reachin' up to the sky
Wrong side of the law
Dead shot in the eye

You won't see the daddy coming
No you won't
He'll lean in and wrap 'round your throat
He'll slide right down, right in your ear
Man, woman, child, baby he don't care


One last thing
Before I go
Don't give daddy no guns!
No No No!
Track Name: Gypsy Witch Doctor
It was the day of the dead in the valley of light
Where the Sun burns up shadows
Never this far had the old spirits come
'Til the seventh son of a seventh son

Swirling about them a haze of death
Engulfing the town of puritan men
A biting cold made meat of the people
The blackened sky domain of the reaper

Brother of wolves and sister of snakes
From a sorcerous cult of desert sages
Son of war and daughter of time
Idols and totems his pawns and spies

Statues of saints filled with wrath and malice
Now servants of his voodoo
Altars to god now portals to nether worlds
And churches set alight

A horror of fire, detritus and blood
Black masses are staged upon bones of the 'good'
The biting cold that was left in his wake
The price of their puritan faith

Brother of wolves and sister of snakes
From a sorcerous cult of desert sages
Son of war and daughter of time
Idols and totems his pawns and spies
Track Name: Crown of Fur
One deep breath takes in the land
One more step and you're in my hands
I am the pride king

One roar deafens the greatest foe
One bite from me could swallow you whole
I am the sun

Silent and cloaked by the shadow of the night
I don't mean to start a fight
I am the stalker

Usually the ladies will just let me in
Little do they know about my black heart of sin
I am Lucifer's hand

A harem of beauties adorns my home
Never am I challenged but by fools overbold
I am the pride king

A crown of fur and heart aflame
The lion's coat the emperor's mane
I am the sun

Horseless riders
Pipeless pipers
Mindless animals

Voices calling
Hands in the dark
Never ever ever ever stop

Crowned with fur